About Us

WeBuy is owned and operated by TradeRunner, who specialize in selling on behalf, we have been doing it for years. From helping someone sell their furniture in their house before they move overseas, to working with big corporates to manage their asset sales, not to mention the thousands of phones we have helped sell over the years.

One thing we learnt along the way though is that when people upgrade their phone, its a hassle to sell their old phone.
The price is less than what they expected, it takes too long, they have to pay selling fees, arrange postage or meet up with people down dark alley ways to do the deal.

Thus WeBuy was born, a simple hassle free way to sell your old phone.
You chose your model on our website, we offer you an instant price for it.
Then CourierPost come and collect from your home or work.
As soon as we get it, we pay you straight into your bank account.

The idea behind WeBuy is to make selling your phone as simple as possible, its why there are no fees and no hidden small print.

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